Campus Nederland:
Our Youth is Our Future!

Since our start, more than 6000 primary school students have participated in our Rotterdam-based Campus010 after-school programmes. Energised by our successes, we have started to expand our programmes nationally! We will pilot our Campus Nederland Blended Learning Programme in October 2021.

“In utilising Campus Nederland at our school, our students have the opportunity to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively outside normal school hours. Our close collaboration to establish a specific educational programme catered for our school has resulted in a high-quality curriculum whereby our students gain experiences from which they will profit for the rest of their lives.” – Kristen van Dalsum, Principal of the basisschool de Bavokring (Bavokring Primary School)

Customised Campus Programme

CampusNL develops and implements inspiring sport, culture, self-development and environmental education workshops and clinics. We design our extra-curricular activities to unlock students’ hidden talents and nurture their skills by engaging them in fun and educational experiences. Our Customised Campus Programmes take place during school holidays and after-school hours.


CampusNL biedt innovatieve maatwerk leertrajecten aan gericht op het werken aan de cruciale leerdoelen. Het programma sluit aan op de belevingswereld van de leerlingen en stimuleert leren van nieuwe stof vanuit nieuwsgierigheid.

Are you a school principal, or on the board of directors of a school, and looking for an effective programme for your students? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about what we have to offer!

Our Partners

Campus Nederland offers meaningful opportunities for all children!

“I learned lots of new words in the class where we built a newspaper. And in Djembe class, we learned lots of new vocabulary, which I really enjoyed. I also want to keep dancing after the programme ends!” – Amina, 8 years old

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