Customised Campus Programmes During the School Holidays

Are your students deserving of an opportunity to develop new talents and broaden their horizons during school holidays?

Campus Nederland provide children the ability to embark on inspiring and challenging programmes. We organise diverse workshops and clinics in the areas of sport, culture and environmental education, to allow students a chance to discover their talents.

We offer broad and high-quality programmes that link harmoniously to existing school curriculums. Additionally, our programmes are adapted to match the goals and vision of the schools we work with.

Our students receive a great deal of personal attention during their Customised Campus Programme (Maatwerkcampus); every small group is allocated its own mentor, who acts as a fixed point of contact for the children for the duration of their respective programmes

Are you interested in finding out what Campus Nederland can do for your students? Please do not hesitate to contact us at 010 808 25 01 or via email at

You can read about children’s experiences in ZomerCampus010 in this article.

Why participate?

  • A Customised Campus is fun and educational
  • Our small group sizes allow children to receive ample attention
  • Each group enjoys its own mentor
  • Programmes are executed on school grounds or at another close by location within the neighbourhood
  • A Customised Campus Programme is free of charge (provided that participating children arrive to take part at the agreed time)

Are you curious what Campus Nederland can do for your school?

Call us at 010 808 25 01 or leave your details in the link below. We will contact you within one working day.

Our Impact

  • Children are easily able to re-adjust to school schedules and expectations after their holiday break
  • Improve language skills and expand vocabulary
  • Encourages further participation in sports and cultural events
  • Enlarges local networks and connects communities


We work hard to realise Campus Nederland programmes from 9am to 6pm from Mondays to Fridays. Sometimes we are not able to answer your queries immediately, but we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible.