The story of Campus Nederland

On a kitchen table in the Rotterdam district of Spangen, during the first lockdown, the idea for an inspiring summer programme was born.

Samuel Schampers presented a proposal to to the Municipality of Rotterdam and numerous partners in the city and shortly after the first steps towards the creation of Zomercampus010 were initiated.

By the summer 2020 we offered more that 4,500 primary and secondary school students in Rotterdam a summer program which aimed to develop their talents as well as language skills in an educational, cross-curricular manner.

Our success superseded the summer, as we were asked by several school directors to expand our concept to include programmes outside of the school summer holiday period. We heeded their call, and developed additional programmes to meet their specific needs. We have since been able to provide more than 600 Rotterdam-based students school tuition and coaching programmes, as well as cultural and sports activities, during and after school hours.

Because of the experience we have gained at these schools, in combination with the developments (around Corona) in education, we saw that more was needed than what we could offer now. 

This fueled Campus Nederland’s unbridled ambition to promote equality of opportunity for every child in the Netherlands. 

Over the past year, we have worked hard with leading partners to develop an innovative and groundbreaking education program that empowers every child to develop into the happiest, resilient and most successful version of themselves.

Mandy Markerink
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Samuel Schampers