What is the campusnl blended learning programme?

Campus Nederland believes that every child has the right to resources and opportunities to develop themselves into happier, more resilient and successful individuals. Our unique blended learning methodology is meaningfully aligned with the world of experiences of our students, and stimulates the learning of new material by means of exciting their curiosity and intrinsic motivation. We make it possible for schools to customise learning trajectories for individuals and/or groups and provide programmes/curriculums tailored to duration, theme and ability.

The Campus Nederland programme ensures that children gain ownership of their life-long learning progress. We achieve this by personalising the programme to awaken their curiosities, to foster effective learning supported by intense supervision and guidance, by encouraging them to gain first hand experiences and discover, as well as nurture, (new) talents.

Our methodology centers around critical learning objectives that are achieved by way of project-based learning, twenty-first century skills, soft skills and perseverance/resilience. Additionally, learning trajectories aim to strengthen existing competencies, cultivate new experiences and encourage participants to reflect on their personal development. We aim to cultivate a pleasant end efficient experience for learning, to generate an invaluable educational outcome.

What makes us unique?

We create unique learning trajectories that are customised for small groups or individual students.

Students collaborate with their teachers to design their individual programmes, taking into account their learning objectives, competencies, diverse themes and personal interests

  • High Dosage Tutoring is supported by online learning modules
  • Emphasis is placed on establishing and meeting crucial learning objectives, developing soft skills and talents
  • Adjusted for students to help them overcome learning difficulties
  • Content conforms to evidence-based education strategies

Would you like to find out what CampusNL can do for your students at your school? Please do not hestitate to contact us. Call us at 010 808 25 01, or send an email to mandy@campusnederland.nl